JetStager will make you more money than alternatives

  1. Design Excellence

    Exquisite style, coordinating palettes,
    correct furniture size

  2. Stunning Photorealism

    Software technology developed in house

  3. Fastest Delivery: 4 to 8 hours

    Software designed just for staging allows
    us to stage quickly

  4. Dedication to Customer Service

    Including fast communication via our web
    collaboration platform

  5. Incredible Pricing

    $24 / Image

How can we produce amazing images much faster than the competition?

Simple. We built our own 3D technology from the ground up specifically for room staging. The competition uses rigid, off-the-shelf tools that simply take longer to produce often inferior results.

Our world-class design team has curated 10s of thousands of stylish furnishings to tailor your rooms. Our software lets us instantly change fabrics and materials to make perfectly coordinated rooms.

The One Huge Mistake Most Staging Companies Make

Even if a staging company manages to produce a decent looking image, most try to turn your project into an interior design project, not a staging project.

The goal of the stager is make the rooms look better, not the furnishings. What you want is for the room to look bigger, taller, brighter and less cluttered. You want buyers to see how to maximize furniture in an amazing space,

JetStager’s designers will make your rooms look their best. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Why people love us